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Spiritual Process Work                  CHF 120/h (as long still in training)

Embracing                                        CHF 200/ session (60-120 min)

The Becoming Coaching               CHF 600/ half day (4-5 hours)
                                                            CHF 888/ full day
 (6-8 hours)

Online sessions available
Private session @ your home       by agreement  
(only for established collaborations)

Please pay for your sessions in advance, unless you are a regular client.
You can bring cash to the sessions or make a transfer with Twint (0786180799)

For international clients paypal to

It is my desire to make this space available to anyone who truly urges to go deeper. If you are faced with financial hardship and the above prices are not affordable, please get in touch and we will find a way that feels balanced for everyone.
Feel free to get in touch
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