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"To experience love, we must go inside. When you experience real love you get into a state which is beyond words. You are filled with a joy that goes beyond all emotions. True love is the love of the inner Self. "
– Swami Muktananda

Born highly sensitive, it took me half my life not to experience this gift as a burden. As a child, I was unaware that I perceived more than most people around me, which made my experience of my environment sometimes pretty estranged. Floated with impressions from subtle worlds, I developed great imaginary worlds that naturally led me into the arts and an examination of reality and spiritual concepts very soon in life. 

Traveling the world in my late teenage years and exploring various inner work modalities like Art Therapy, Vipassana Meditation, Systemic Work, a variety of Healing Arts, and more, I started to dig deeper and learn about Spirit from early on. But only becoming a mother at a young age turned out to be the merciless doorway for grounding that I needed, and a wonderful catalysator for growth within this material plane of existence. 

A profoundly painful series of events in my early thirties, which were accompanied by intense Shamanic work, burned down many ideals and dreams I held. Coming close to death has opened me to the potential and strength inherent in myself beyond the notions I held about myself and cracked me open to compassion. Seeking a way out of the misery, I discovered Nondual Teachings, which finally gave my approach to the Divine clarity and direction. Sitting with various teachers from the field of Advaita Vedanta inspired a dedicated Self-inquiry and introspection and culminated in finding my Spiritual Master. Here I underwent years of Tantric Schooling under the close guidance of my Teacher who bestowed me with the Grace of Awakening this Consciousness, giving me direct access to my Soul and rooting me in Beingness. Here I grew most of my understanding of the working of consciousness.

A following three-year formation in Process Work (Process-oriented psychology after Arnold Mindell) gave me a methodology on how to work with people and helped me harvest my own experiences to serve others.

What I offer, springs from a place, where knowledge is remembrance and was re-integrated on my own path and through the first-hand experience of direct spiritual schooling. The wisdom that has grown here came from hard inner work, from blows of fate, introspection, and the Grace of an awakened Kundalini Shakti that opened my heart even deeper for the subtle realities in all existence and the cosmic laws residing in us all.

I love to perceive a soul and reflect the beauty I see back to that being, so they can recognize their own light. We all too often forget. I am grateful for your inquiry and eager to meet you. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Blessings to all living forms of life.

about the


What is Process Work?
What is my spiritual background?
What is my training?

Process-oriented psychology or Process Work  is an awareness-based and non-pathologizing model to work with the full range of human experiences. It was developed by Dr. Arnold Mindell, a C.G. Jung Institute teaching analyst, in the late 1970ies. He expanded and complemented the Jungian psychotherapy approach with insights from quantum physics, Taoism, and Shamanism.

My approach to Process Work is informed by the precious gift of being initiated into the path of the heart, through my mentor Igor Kufayev,  a powerful conduit of Kundalini Shakti, teacher of Trika Shaivism and spiritual guide to many worldwide. After years of spiritual schooling and first-hand experience of the transformation of consciousness, I feel called to let these two streams, spiritual insight and process-oriented psychology, help me serve others.

The idea and methods of Process-oriented Psychology have strong links with indigenous teachings, spiritual insights, and modern physics. The methods support awareness of an underlying creative field, an inherent wisdom of nature, that communicates – and first catches our awareness in subtle signals and impulses, unintended communication, dreams, altered states, symptoms, individual challenges, and in the tensions, conflicts, and creativity within relationships, organizations, and communities.

Process Work is a fluid approach that seeks to encounter the unknown to further an underlying urge toward health, wholeness, and diversity, hidden within disturbances.



  • Arts Propadeutics in photography and video, HGKZ Zürich

  • Scientific Visualization/IllustrationZurich University of the Arts


  • Art & Design – Education, Aesthetic Education and Socioculture, Zurich University of the Arts


  • Advaita Tantra with Igor Kufayev (Guided energetic unfolding of the Kundalini Awakening Process – a transformation of Consciousness, framed by the understanding found in the Vedic science of consciousness, classical Tantra & Kashmir Shaivism) – accompanied by years of personal Sadhana/ spiritual practice and integration. (EU, USA, CA)


  • Process Work ( Process-oriented Psychology after Arnold Mindell), Institut für Prozessarbeit, Zürich


  • Coaching and Supervision i.t. ( Process-oriented Psychology after Arnold Mindell), Institut für Prozessarbeit, Zürich

  • Training therapy with Kate Jobe ( Processwork, Laban movement and Conflict Facilitation)


  • Various mentored inner work (Satsang, Shamanism, Somatic experiencing, Various Energetic Healing modalities a.m.)

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