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I offer 3 kinds of sessions

It is my wish to bring more ease to the hearts of human beings because we all sit in the same boat.



It is through resonance that you will be guided here – often without even knowing what to expect. Trust your heart. 

With Spiritual Process Work  I combine insights from spiritual teachings and initiations I received, with the methodologies of process-oriented psychology. 


Do you have challenging circumstances, feelings, relations or struggle with yourself? You are invited into a session in which we listen closely to what moves you, and shed light on your field of experience so that the wholesome qualities of connection, authenticity, and expression can flow again.


There's a golden thread within every being that always leads to inherent truth. If you feel that you want to live a more conscious life of heartfelt integrity or unravel your processes, I am glad to support you in following that thread and discovering your deeper truth. As a born intuitive I can see the higher potential within a being. The potential for love, healing, and purpose that all our hearts are naturally attracted to.


These sessions are midwifing new consciousness into being. Just as the life of a midwife is about waiting for the miracle to emerge, I hold the vision of what is possible to be born within your being, and then act from there as a guide.


It is my calling to perceive the underlying energies below the surface of daily life, that want to be heard, and coax them out into the light of awareness. Attending to bound-up energies allows the release of fear, suffering, and of a limited vision of yourself. I create a safe container in which a sacred conversation can occur and answers can spontaneously reveal themselves.


My doors are open for everyone and every process. Here we meet in truth, with our fully embraced humanity, with our messy self and our glorious uniqueness and I feel honored to support your brilliant process.



A session lasts about 60 min.

Here we follow the process, explore experience and unfold what has been marginalized before. 

As this is a spontaneous process, like any other birth, it is unpredictable in shape and form. Therefore sessions are never the same. Here we evoke a conversation that stimulates consciousness and we discover your own tools of inner connection. Through sacred dialogue, but also through meditative practice, systemic work, silence, touch, and body awareness we approach clarity and deep rest. 

My compass is the heart, yours, and my own.  It is my wish that you can feel safe, seen, and empowered, but also faced with the limitations you need to set free.

Online sessions available (on demand)

For Who?


- Personal challenges

– Spiritual Processes / Altered States of Consciousness

- Relationships & Sacred Intimacy

- Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine

- Trauma / Grief

-  Youth Work



As humans, physical touch is essential to our well-being, integrity, and psychological sanity. Being held in an embrace with heart-centered attention calms the nervous system where words cannot reach.

In my own darkest times, when everything was too much, I so much yearned for being held in someone's arms. It would have been so helpful if there had been a long, warm embrace, just to be able to deeply let go for a moment, to breathe, cry and rest in someone's loving presence. This yearning is a natural, inborn need for connection we have as human beings, and our system knows that it is essential for healing. 


With "EMBRACING" I intend to provide a safe space, where women+* can receive a moment of that nourishment and loving touch. Here I cuddle you, hold you safely in silence, caress your hair and skin, and allow your body to experience unintentional love and care so that you can relax deeply and connect to your essence and power again.


Embracing is calming the nervous system. It is a non-sexual space for heart-centered transmission. It's an act of kindness towards yourself.


I intentionally hold this space only for women+*, because holding the sexual boundaries would be more challenging for me with men. You need to be aware that this is an intimate moment and fears, shame, sexual arousal or discomforts can arise. This is totally natural as touch has been privatized in our culture. 

We all know what it means to be hungry for touch and intimacy without agenda. True pure human encounter and care. Unfortunately, our culture doesn't offer a context for that outside the sexual or relational one. I feel called to be part of changing that.



A session lasts about 60 min–120 min

After a short conversation in which we meet and explore what you need, I hold you cuddling and you are allowed to just let yourself go. This can happen with or without words. Each session is unique and unpredictable, so there are no pre-programmed routines.

For Who?


- In times of grief & loss

- (Pre-) menstrual syndromes

- Sense of loneliness, overwhelm, disorientation

- When you feel worn out or a lack of support

- When you feel piled up agitation and anxiety

- When you simply yearn for intimacy outside of a sexual context

- If you want to give yourself loving Self-care

* Inclusive for all genders in female bodies: Women, Non-Binary persons in female bodies, Trans-Women, Intersex Women, and more. 

The Becoming
Image by Pouria Seirafi

The Becoming -Coaching
A Coaching-package to birth your own mission

It's mind-bending to define the undefinable, to birth the new, to envision that which has never been seen. 

Do you have a calling to bring more Awareness into the world, but can’t quite put the finger on how to grasp, define, express, or visualize that offering holistically? Do you sometimes wish that someone would help you with this birth so that you can see yourself more clearly and the communication of your project really reflects your being?


Many of us have experienced an unconventional path, and our acquired knowledge stems from intense life-processes that could now become a great resource for others. The brilliant ideas and projects that grow inside of are important!


However, the first steps toward concretization can sometimes be overwhelming. But you don't have to take this step alone - it is my passion to support you. I help you uncover the gold in your vision, to put it into words or express it visually - by supporting you with reflective questions and giving your project a face through words & images.


I work like a gentle, creative doula helping you to birth your baby. It is a deeply personal collaboration - simple and efficient - like a conversation with a friend, but ethically protected and professionally guided. Your original idea can take surprising turns - it is important for me to really see you, so that the results suit you and reflect your deepest being.




I offer half/full day sessions – or packages on demand

(follow up weekly/monthly sessions over a period of time).


Depending on your needs, these sessions consist of conversational, artistic, and expressive services, such as:

  • Conversations and clarification about what you envision

  • Conscious questions and feedback

  • Defining your mission and vision with heart

  • Bringing awareness around what still needs to evolve

  • Bounce off ideas, seek out what carries joy

  • Structuring business ideas and making them yours

  • Visual concepts for your unique expression (I design for you)

  • The wording of your newly growing offer (I write for you)

  • Photography, web design, and graphic work in addition

  • Helpful networks

  • and more…

Online sessions available (on demand)

For Who?


This coaching is for projects with heart. I sense who you are, what your vision is and help you translate it into words and images. The sessions develop organically. They are meant to inspire you, point you in the right direction, encourage your potential, and clear out unnecessary ballast. You will get more clarity, courage, and understanding for your own task, or texts and visual concepts, depending what your needs are.


There is an intuitive transmission at work in these coaching sessions, that does not flow unless we are meant to work together. I want to work with people who are serious and involved with their hearts. That is why I reserve the right to refuse to collaborate if I feel that the person is not ready to receive what I have to give.


If you want to get a feel for whether a collaboration between us resonates, I recommend having a free 15-minute orientation talk and just meet each other.

References (Coaching / visual artwork / writing) :

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