Holding Your Truth

Awareness heals all wounds.


Deep Listening offers you a safe space to be vulnerable, authentic and heard.

Sometimes, life can be challenging. Sometimes, we just need to be seen, heard and reminded of our unique greatness. Sometimes, our heart needs to be touched to reveal it's inherent knowing.

Through slowing down, a healthy dose of silence, intimacy and the right questions, we create the space in which self-revelatory understanding can occur. 

I welcome you into a guided introspection, where the nature of our experience is embraced in a new way. Thus healing can take place, new impulses can arise and clarity finds its way back to us.

I am happy to walk along your side through your process, to give support and help you to thrive into a more conscious and truth-filled life.

" Helena gave me the courage to dive deep into what I tried to avoid for a long time, only to realize that freedom and truth await me there. I felt embraced all the way."


- P.G.

Awareness heals all wounds.

Following Dharma, I feel called to share the insights that I have gained from a life-long spiritual transformation.

Going through a painful and revelatory Awakening process has brought me into a deep compassion and an intuitive recognition of our shared human nature.

My approach springs from this intuition and aims at connecting you to the ever-present love of what IS and the wonderful intelligence of your body.


We all yearn for authenticity, connection, relation, intimacy, and expression. Bringing consciousness into your field of experience allows these qualities to flow again.

Intuitive Caring


I feel honored to work with you.

Highly sensitive to energetic dynamics since childhood, spiritual evolution has been a natural process and a vital necessity in my life. Motherhood, broken dreams and an intense spiritual schooling have been my greatest teachers.

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“I closed my mouth and spoke to you in a hundred silent ways.”


― Rumi

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