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helena laurent
process-oriented psychology
soul work &


Holding Your Truth

" Helena gave me the courage to dive deep into what I tried to avoid for a long time, only to realize that freedom and truth await me there. I felt embraced all the way."


- P.B.

Awareness heals all wounds.


When we dare to listen to the silence behind every experience, we get to hear the answers our hearts seek.

To hear what wants to be heard is essential to the well-being of our world -

individually, collectively, and ecologically. The subtle qualities long to be witnessed, and so it is in us.


The consciousness of humanity is shifting, and many of us feel a yearning for transformation. We feel called to be more aligned with a living world, with our own Hearts, the Divine that resides in it, and the Truth that lays beyond appearance.

As old global values are crumbling, we need new ways of understanding what it means to be human, and that is not an easy path. The disorienting challenges of daily life are a constant invitation into looking closer, and listening deeper so that the unheard voices in, and around us, can reveal their message, point out new directions, and awareness can grow.


Through my own spiritual transformation and training in process-oriented psychology, I offer counseling where these two streams converge.

Awareness heals all wounds.

I offer you a safe space to follow your process with honesty and reverence – so that your being can bloom.


your journey

The hardest challenges are worth it if they can evoke real growth and a shift into something new, or a deeper understanding of ourselves. Our own hearts and bodies all inherently know the truth and always try to unfold our natural potential. They are the stewards of your process. 


I welcome you into a guided introspection, where we slow down, pay attention to the body's signals, ask the right questions, and create a space where self-revelatory understanding can occur. Thus healing can take place, new impulses can arise and clarity finds its way back to us. 


My approach springs from a spiritually cultivated intuition and roots in the methodology of process-oriented psychology. I am happy to walk along your side through your process, give support, and help you to thrive into a more conscious, happy, and truth-filled life.


I feel honored to work with you.

Sensitive to energetic dynamics since childhood, spiritual evolution has been a natural stepping stone and a vital necessity in my life. Motherhood, broken dreams and intense spiritual schooling have been my greatest teachers.

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