• Helena

It’s a thin and curvy line that curls between light and darkness...

Snakelike the darkness crawls into the foldings of light just to come back up on the other side, like a mighty wave overpassing the shadows of deep oceans, tiptoeing into glimmering reflections of light. Oh light, you living breathing expansion of delight, you swallow your sombre brother as soon you rise. But what is too light could potentially robb us of depth, while what is dark could reveal the unthought and open new doors.

We never know. Both hold the sweetness of revelation and both hold the sticky consequences of indulging. Brother and sister, always playing along each others side. Only the steady rhythm, following the heartbeat between the two, the tides of the cosmos, will rock us into peace. How we love the light after the tunnel, and don't we rest well in the dark corners of our great mothers lap, where spirit plays with the curls in our hair? If so, then every moment, if looked from far, gives us the smell of a flower that blooms us into existence. So let us follow that curvy line that curls on the edges of this mighty bloom.

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