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May we all come a giant leap closer to the revelation of our authentic true nature

May the unknown

Happy 2019!

devour us, to spit us out again on the other side – stripped of identity, but as a mirror of all life

May the crystalline music in our cells wake our memory from ancient tides of slumber and anchor us back again into our entrusted task of being guardians of this planet

May our hearts be courageously tender

May we learn to listen from the seat of Spirit again, where the languages of all living creatures are understood

May we speak when silence shushed our mind and words turn into balm

May we be patient with our growth just as we are patient with a seed waiting in dark soil

May our attention be that golden liquid that pours out of our most vulnerable cracks, like antennas caressing the surface of the material and immaterial worlds

May we be the expression of the union between heavens and the earth

So Truth becomes the new currency and Awareness the new success

May we all be blessed in this new cycle

By storms as well as by the sight of a rare bird sitting on our windowsill.


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