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"To experience love, we must go inside. When you experience real love you get into a state which is beyond words. You are filled with a joy that goes beyond all emotions. True love is the love of the inner Self. "

– Swami Muktananda

Being born sensitive, I discovered early that I was perceiving more of reality than most people around me. Floated with impressions from subtle worlds, I developed great imaginary worlds that naturally lead me into the arts and into an examination of reality and of spiritual concepts very soon in life. 


Knowing that my roots are not tight to a place, but that I belong to the world, and burning with a desire for exploration, I started traveling in my late teenage years, which sparked a fascination for the diversity of humankind and brought me in touch with a network of lightworkers around the world that keeps inspiring me until today. 


Through various practices like Art Therapy, Vipassana Meditation, Systemic Work, Past Life Regression, Healing Arts and many more, I started to dig deeper and learn about Spirit from early on. But only becoming a mother at a young age turned out to be the merciless doorway for grounding that I needed, and a wonderful catalysator for growth within this material plane of existence. 


The real work, however, started with a profoundly painful series of events in my early thirties, that was accompanied by intense Shamanic work, and burned down many ideals and dreams I held.  Coming close to death has opened me for the potential and strength inherent in myself beyond the notions I held about myself and cracked me open to compassion. Seeking a way out of the misery, I discovered Nondual Teachings which finally gave my approach to the Divine clarity and direction.

Sitting with various teachers from the field of Advaita Vedanta inspired a dedicated Self-inquiry and introspection and culminated in finding my Spiritual Master. Here I underwent years of Tantric Schooling under the close guidance of my Teacher who bestowed me with the Grace of Awakening this Consciousness, giving me direct access to my Soul and rooting me in Beingness.


I am not a therapist. I didn't get a formation in an official educational system. What I offer, springs from a different place, where knowledge is remembrance and was re-integrated on my own path and through the first-hand experience of direct spiritual schooling. The wisdom that has grown here came from hard inner work, from blows of fate, introspection and the Grace of an awakened Kundalini Shakti that opened my heart even deeper for the subtle realities in all existence and the cosmic laws residing in us all.


I love to look into a soul and to reflect the beauty that I see back to that being, so they can recognize their own light. We all too often forget. 


As an artist, I have had artistic collaborations with beautiful human beings who spread light in the world and naturally anchor new consciousness into the collective. Designing and illustrating for healers, spiritual teachers, writers, and spiritual conferences is my work and passion and can be explored under:


www. helenazingarella.com


I am grateful for your inquiry and eager to meet you. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Blessings to all living forms of life.

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It is through resonance that you will be guided here – often without even knowing what to expect. Trust your heart. 

Whatever our challenges and desires are in life, we always look for a way to just BE.


Everyone is welcome here, with or without issues. Whether you are seeking deeper authenticity, a held space for letting go, whether you feel overwhelmed or simply adventurous – here we evoke a conversation that stimulates consciousness or we drop into a silence that usually was not too much allowed. Here you may find deep rest without any musts, approach the unknown or find clarity that was missing for taking decisions. It is the intelligence of your being that informs me on how to proceed spontaneously so that more wholeness can be found.

I simply offer the frame for intimacy, which often is missing in our daily interactions, but is needed for real reflection to occur.

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